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  1. c# - Prevent ASP.NET Web API route engine from deducting custom method names

    up vote 2 down vote favorite I have the Web API controller with 2 methods - let's say the first method returns the plain project list and the second one returns
  2. 挡不住的好奇心:ASP.NET 5是如何通过XRE实现跨平台的

    2015年01月25日 - .NET程序员也有自己的幸福,.NET的跨平台是一种幸福,.NET的开源也是一种幸福,而更幸福的是可以通过开源的.NET了解.NET是如何一步步走向跨平台的,所以幸福是一种过程。 在.NET跨平台的进程中,ASP.NET显然走在了前头,而通过探究ASP.NET 5是如何实现跨平台的,可以稍稍满足一下自己的好奇心。 体验
  3. database - what is the easiest method to diplay a 1 to many relationship with asp.net?

    up vote 2 down vote favorite I am writing an scheduling webapp where there's: appointment table usercontact table technician table appointment2usercontact table
  4. sql server - MVC4 and asp.net tutorial doesnt work

    up vote 1 down vote favorite I have followed this link on mvc4 and a DB and it doesnt work with me. I dont know if I am missing something. I have vs2010, MVC4 a
  5. asp.net, web.config inheritence, and clearing the authentication setting

    up vote 0 down vote favorite 1 I have an ASP.net 1.1 application. In a sub-folder, I've installed blogengine.net, which is a 2.0 app. The folder is set to be an
  6. asp.net - HTTP Error 500 when after editing web.config

    up vote 1 down vote favorite After adding <location> tag to web.config (ASP.NET 4) I got HTTP 500 Internal Server Error, when I remove <location> it works. <?xm
  7. 《纵向切入ASP.NET 3.5控件和组件开发技术》笔记:高效率事件集合对象

    2014年08月20日 -   在之前讲的几个例子中,使用的是最普通的定义事件方法,比如KingTextBox中事件是这样定义的: /// <summary> /// 获得本书更多内容,请看: /// http://blog.csdn.net/ChengKing/archive/2008/08/18/2792440.aspx /// </summ
  8. asp.net web api2 - Is OWIN/Self-Hosting required for Web API v2 authorization/authentication

    up vote 1 down vote favorite I have been trying to learn how to implement authentication and authorization within an ASP.NET Web API v2 project. Does the Web AP
  9. Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC 中文教程(2) - 在项目中引用Telerik MVC Extensions

    上一篇文章对Telerik MVC Extensions作了一个大概的介绍,这篇文章将介绍如何将Telerik MVC Extensions添加到项目中。有以下两种方式可以将Telerik MVC Extensions添加到项目中,请任选其一, 通过nuget添加Telerik MVC Extensions 通过Tel
  10. asp.net web api - How to add Correlation Token parameter to web api request?

    up vote 0 down vote favorite I'm using web api without deep understanding what it is, just knowing that each editable entity become a resource, that means has t