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  1. ruby on rails - Apache+Passenger == HAProxy + Mogrel Servers (M/M/C Queue)

    up vote 2 down vote favorite I recently read a great blog post made by SoundCloud Team. The Article talks about the Software Architecture Evolution. http://back
  2. 烂泥:高负载均衡学习haproxy之关键词介绍

    2015年08月22日 - 本文由ilanniweb提供友情赞助,首发于烂泥行天下 上一篇文章我们简单讲解了有关haproxy的安装与搭建,在这篇文章我们把haproxy配置文件中使用到的关键词一一介绍下。 关注我微信ilanniweb 1、关键词balance balance用于定义负载均衡的算法,可用于defaults、listen和back
  3. Couchbase XDCR and haproxy

    up vote 0 down vote favorite I intend to setup a Couchbase system with two cluster: the main cluster is active and another one for backup (use XDCR to replicate
  4. ruby - Haproxy(Openshift) fails to check Rails 4 root path

    up vote 2 down vote favorite 1 I'm using Openshift, Haproxy, Ruby on Rails with Postgresql as backend. I have deployed everything successfully but Haproxy fails
  5. amazon s3 - HaProxy Transparent Proxy To AWS S3 Static Website Page

    up vote 1 down vote favorite I am using haproxy to balance a cluster of servers. I am attempting to add a maintenance page to the haproxy configuration. I belie
  6. haproxy - How can I have a custom restart script for runit?

    up vote 2 down vote favorite 1 I'm using runit to manage an HAProxy and want to do a safe restart to reload a configuration file (specifically: haproxy -f /etc/
  7. node.js - Nodejs behind haproxy not using all CPUs

    up vote 0 down vote favorite We have a dual-cpu E5-2650v3 ubuntu server setup with HyperThreading enabled, making 40 logical threads available to the system. We
  8. LB 简单比较 – F5、NetScaler、LVS、Nginx、Haproxy

    2016年03月04日 - LB 简单比较 – F5、NetScaler、LVS、Nginx、Haproxy 负载均衡技术是构建大型网站必不可少的架构策略之一。它的目的是,把用户的请求分发到多台后端的设备上,用以均衡服务器的负载。我们可以把负载均衡器划分为两大类:硬件负载均衡器和软件负载均衡器。 硬件负载均衡器,常见的有NetScaler、F5、
  9. Ansible Dynamic inventory data in template to provision haproxy

    up vote 1 down vote favorite I am currently using a combination of local inventory files and ec2.py generated inventory. The current playbook I am working on bu
  10. HAProxy+Keepalived+PXC负载均衡和高可用的PXC环境

    2015年08月01日 - HAProxy介绍 反向代理服务器,支持双机热备支持虚拟主机,但其配置简单,拥有非常不错的服务器健康检查功能,当其代理的后端服务器出现故障, HAProxy会自动将该服务器摘除,故障恢复后再自动将该服务器加入。引入了frontend,backend;frontend根据任意 HTTP请求头内容做规则匹配,然后把请求定向