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  1. hadoop - Populate data from one column to another column on condition in hive

    up vote 0 down vote favorite WE have :- TABLE_1 having column (A_COL,NUM ) and TABLE_2 having column ( B_COL ,C_COL , NUM) Q condition If A_COL is NULL in the T
  2. hadoop - Performance issue in hive version 0.13.1

    up vote 6 down vote favorite 2 I use AWS-EMR to run my Hive queries and I have a performance issue while running hive version 0.13.1. The newer version of hive
  3. hadoop - Hive Create View as Select (CVAS)

    up vote 0 down vote favorite I need help why the the following hive create view as statement: select * from view_1 where user_id is not null AND rule='مزورة';
  4. sql - regexp_extract to find the value in Hive

    up vote 0 down vote favorite I'm new to regexp_extract and need to split the column on / and then pick the 3rd value. For example, from application/motorola pro
  5. hadoop - Hive: Table creation w/ multi-files w/ multiple directories

    up vote 10 down vote favorite 5 I want to create a Hive table where the input textfiles are traversed onto multiple sub-directories in hdfs. So example I have i
  6. hadoop - How to configure Hue-2.5.0 and HIve-0.11.0

    up vote 0 down vote favorite From past 2 days I have been working on setting up Hue but no luck. The versions I tried with hive 0.11.0 :- 3.5, 3.0, 2.4, 2.1, 2.
  7. hadoop - How can I do a double delimiter in Hive?

    up vote 2 down vote favorite 1 let's say I have some sample rows of data site1^http://article1.com?datacoll=5|4|3|2|1&test=yes site1^http://article1.com?test=ye
  8. hadoop - HDFS Folder in to a key-value hive table

    up vote 0 down vote favorite I have the following folder structure in the HDFS: Polygons file1.kml file2.kml file3.kml and I want to load it into a hive table w
  9. hadoop - Hive query not working for more than 3 partitions

    up vote 0 down vote favorite Below is my hive query 'select substr(ltrim(date_ts),0,10) date_ts, sum(if(col1 = 'type1', 1, 0)) as type_1, sum(if(col1 = 'type2
  10. hadoop - Hive delete query issue as Vertex failed as one or more tasks failed. failedTasks:1

    up vote 0 down vote favorite The delete query on hive works for short time range for minute or two but throws error for larger time range, such as more than 2 m