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  1. Java SE 6 compiled application deployed to Java SE 7 runtime environment - random JVM crashes, no Throwables?

    up vote 2 down vote favorite 1 As in subject, I have a Java SE application compiled using Java 1.6 deployed on a Java 1.7 runtime environment. As Java is highly
  2. Java SE vector array help please

    up vote -1 down vote favorite I need some help here with my java school work. Yesterday I posted one question which is quite similar to this one regarding array
  3. java - difference between Iterator and Iterable interfaces according to SE8

    up vote -3 down vote favorite 1 I was going through the documentations of Iterator and Iterable interfaces of Java 8. Please find the links to the documentation
  4. NoSuchElementException when formatting number on Android, but not on Java SE

    up vote 1 down vote favorite I am porting an existing application to Android, and stumbled upon the following problem. This piece of code works perfectly fine o
  5. java 8 - How to provide additional class for a package on OSGi system classpath for J2SE 1.8 profile

    up vote 0 down vote favorite Inside ee.j2se-1.8 the package org.w3c.dom is included. org.osgi.framework.system.packages = \ ... org.w3c.dom,\ ... org.osgi.fra
  6. android java se development kit not found

    2011年08月19日 - Windows 7 64bit 使用Windows Installer 安装Android SDK。     使用exe安装会自动检测是否配置好JDK。   当安装和配置完JDK后,运行安装程序依旧会提示 java se development kit not found 并不允许点击Next按钮。   但是JDK已经
  7. 通过Java SE 7自带的监控服务(WatchService API)实现类似.NET FileWatcher的功能

    2011年08月04日 -   转自:王翔《模式——工程化实现及扩展》(设计模式Java 版) http://www.cnblogs.com/callwangxiang/     Java SE 7 Tutorial中增加了一个监控目录变更情况的示例,用于介绍其新发布的WatchService API。   但对于用惯了.NET FileWatc
  8. java - What are the best practices (patterns) to handle entity managers and transactions in SE environment?

    up vote 1 down vote favorite Considering a Java SE app using JPA2 (RESOURCE_LOCAL), which would be the best way to manage my entity managers and transactions? I
  9. Netbeans Java SE GUI Builder: private initComponents() problem

    up vote 0 down vote favorite When I build a GUI for my Java SE app with Netbeans GUI builder, it puts all the codes in the initComponents() method which is priv
  10. jax ws - JAX-WS :: ways to call a web service from a standalone Java 7 SE client

    up vote 4 down vote favorite 6 I am experimenting with standalone JAX-WS web services, server and client side (meaning, not running inside a Java EE container).