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  1. Why is the solr synonym filter not working?

    up vote 1 down vote favorite All I am trying to do is utilize the Solr SynonymFilterFactory in my schema.xml: <fieldType name="text" class="solr.TextField" omit
  2. string - If I change schema.xml then reIndex is neccessary in Solr or not?

    up vote 0 down vote favorite I indexed 2GB of data. Now I want to change the type of field from textSpell to string type into schema.xml Current Schema : <field
  3. Solr/Lucene Multivalued Fields - maximum number of values?

    up vote 1 down vote favorite Is there an actual or practical limit to the number of values that can be placed in a multivalued field in Solr/Lucene? For example
  4. lucene - Creating new solr cores with directories programatically

    up vote 0 down vote favorite After thorough searching on solution for this. I have to ask this question- I need to create solr cores programmatically on the fly
  5. xml - Does solr make faceting on empty String?

    up vote 0 down vote favorite Last time I made a solr index, it started indexing and doing faceting on empty strings too. This never happened. It is the right be
  6. Solr Spell Check result based filter query

    up vote 5 down vote favorite 1 I implemented Solr SpellCheck Component based on the document from http://wiki.apache.org/solr/SpellCheckComponent , it works goo
  7. search - How to stop the result in solr, when phrase containing a stopword?

    up vote 5 down vote favorite 1 I have a problem while searching with Solr a phrase which has stopwords. Solr send result with stopword and this is not my expect
  8. solr - Nested query and retrieve parent attributes for child filter

    up vote 1 down vote favorite 1 I was going through Yonik's blog. I am using solr 5.3.0 and I have a scenario which I am trying to solve. Any help will be apprec
  9. Solr+Nutch+AjaxSolr query

    up vote 0 down vote favorite 1) I referred https://github.com/evolvingweb/ajax-solr/wiki/reuters-tutorial for Ajax-Solr setup. I want to know that although ajax
  10. lucene - How to extract solr index docs

    up vote 1 down vote favorite I need to do some transformations on docs before indexing them in solr. but the texts come from various resources and it's diffcult