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  1. java - how to display a table retrieved from database to a jsp page via a controller page in Struts framework

    up vote 2 down vote favorite i have created a model class to connect with database with a function that retrives a table data.now this function should return wh
  2. java - Struts Error: The Struts dispatcher cannot be found

    up vote 0 down vote favorite The Struts dispatcher cannot be found. This is usually caused by using Struts tags without the associated filter. Struts tags are
  3. javascript - How to update div text content dynamically from Apache Tomcat server using Struts2

    up vote 1 down vote favorite 1 I'm developing an application where user uploads a file to the server and server process the text file. While processing, I need
  4. java - How to use display tag with struts 1?

    up vote 0 down vote favorite I want when click button Delete, I would get CustomerID and send to Action. To execute function delete. <display:table name="sessio
  5. html - How to set value to Struts 2 Checkbox in Iterator and give all the selected check boxes value in Action List

    up vote 2 down vote favorite I Want to get selected checkbox value from checkbox Key property on Action Class as List. My code look like this <s:form action="Se
  6. java - Can we write struts dispatchAction method with void return type?

    up vote 2 down vote favorite I want to perform some operation using Struts DispacthAction method but, I dont want to forwad it any jsp; Can I write dispatch met
  7. struts 1 - Read a form bean property to pass on to a forward

    up vote 0 down vote favorite I am using struts 1.3. I have a an action I am reusing in 3 different cases. The form bean backing this has a property that has the
  8. java - Struts 1.2.9 - Questions around custom internationalization

    up vote 6 down vote favorite We have a legacy application that uses Struts 1.2.9. The app is currently internationalized the standard way - .properties files fo
  9. java - Struts 2 could not find a result for success returned from an action

    up vote 4 down vote favorite I'm not a native English speaker, so my apologizes if I made some idiomatic mistake. I'm completely new on Struts2. I developed a w
  10. security - How to sanitize and validate user input login in struts 1.3 to pass a Checkmarx scan

    up vote 1 down vote favorite I launched checkmarx on my web project based on Struts 1.3, it returns me this error: Method execute at line xxx of ...\action\Abst