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  1. 开源Nginx 文件上传服务器。ngx_upload_module+web.py+gevent+varnish前端缓存

    2013年02月20日 - 最近参与公司一项目,当中需使用图片与音频的存储方案,经过多方面考虑,采用了Nginx的ngx_upload_module作为上传前端,python web.py+gevent作为后端文件处理及生成缩略图方式,配合使用Varnish作为http缓存。整体架构与性能上应该比较理想。 前期由于考虑了分布式存储,大量地实验与尝
  2. How to Set Varnish Cache-Control Headers

    up vote 7 down vote favorite 2 I am hoping someone can advise on the proper method for getting Varnish to send cache-control headers. Currently, my configuratio
  3. varnish esi出现no esi processing, first char not ‘<’的错误处理方式

    2013年11月04日 - 大致意思是varnish的ESI使用mod_deflate来处理可以接受含有请求头Accept-Encoding的请求,这样转发到后端服务器后,后端服务器返回的响应内容就不是一个格式良好的XML或html内容, 即第一个字符不是'<',因此会报错,处理这种问题的方式是去掉Accept-Encoding和Vary的请求头
  4. varnish 503 no backend connection - varnish健康检查

    2013年11月24日 - varnish开启之后过一段时间就出现503错误,直接访问后端OK,前端ping后端OK,原因是varnish判断后端已挂掉,拒绝请求。 在配置backend时,配置了.prob,配置如下:     .probe= {      .url = "/";      .timeout = 1s;      .interva
  5. varnish配置文件的pipe和pass区别

    2012年09月04日 - varnish下的pipe和pass理解起来颇费了些脑细胞。以下是varnish官网的文档解释(v2.1). vcl_pipe Called upon entering pipe mode. In this mode, the request is passed on to the backend, and any f
  6. Infinite redirection loop in varnish cache

    up vote 1 down vote favorite we recently have put Varnish in front of our Drupal because the server was suffering heavy load and we are very pleased in general.
  7. linux - Varnish/Nginx cached SSL Certificate mystery

    up vote 2 down vote favorite I have Varnish load balancing three front end Rails servers with Nginx acting as a reverse proxy for FastCGI workers. Yesterday, ou
  8. ruby - sinatra app stalls in production mode when deployed via vagrant to a VM and provisioned by varnish and run as a deamon

    up vote 0 down vote favorite I have a sinatra app, when I run it in production it acts odly. The first requests works, assets download and the page loads. If yo
  9. logstash - _grokparsefailure on varnish log

    up vote 0 down vote favorite Message looks like "-" - - [19/Apr/2016:11:42:18 +0200] "GET http://monsite.vpù/api/opa/status HTTP/1.1" 200 92 "-" "curl -